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Unwilling Lovers

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Unwilling Lovers

This 1977 film, directed by Zebedy Colt, is apparently only available in a very poor quality video tape with very muffled sound. Colt stars as a semi-retarded man who still lives as a child in his backwoods home. His view of sex is distorted by memories of his mom and dad having sex then falling off a cliff, so he tries to emulate their sick sex acts with any girl he sees. Scene 1 stars Terri Hall as a young naked nymph on a picnic with her boyfriend who is mauled by a nude Colt! She cracks her head open on a rock, but that doesn’t stop Colt from mounting her and screwing her corpse silly. Hall does an impressive acting job before she meets her maker, and this kind of necrophiliac perversion is the kind of great Colt filmmaking to be expected. Scene 2 stars Nancy Dare as a blonde girl on a date who has her blouse torn open and is forced to go down on her boyfriend in their convertible! Colt watches from behind a tree, then bashes the guy’s head in with a rock, strangles Nancy and forces his dick into her mouth for a blowjob of his own. Scene 3 stars C.J. Laing (God bless her!) and Annie Sprinkle as two sexy girls giving a strip tease to Colt and the family gardener. Laing and Sprinkle indulge in sapphic delights before inviting the gardener in for a little fun as Colt watches like a child in front of the TV.

Lenght: 01:26:08

Year: 1977

Director: Zebedy Colt

Jody Maxwell   
Terri Hall   
C.J. Laing   
Annie Sprinkle   
John Bush   
Barbara Ames   
Zebedy Colt   
Rod Dumont   
Renee Sanz   
Nancy Dare   
Peter Andrews   
Bernie Cohan   
John Lawrence   

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Flesh of the Lotus

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Flesh of the Lotus

John Holmes is at his best in this Johnny Wadd detective classic. An old flame of John’s is murdered in the Hollywood Hills. Driven by his one-time love and lust for the girl he is determined to find her killer. His first clue is from a lesbian who knew her well. John catches her masturbating with a very large dildo and then he amazes her with the live version. One clue leads to another & drugs and money are discovered to be the precipitating cause of Sheila’s death. A ring is found ,on one of the suspects, and Wadd recognizes it as belonging to a member of the Lotus gang, the meanest gang in Chinatown. Even the police won’t lend any assistance against them. Has Johnny Wadd finally met his match? The voluptuous women, the great fight scenes and the exhilarating erotic action are bound to leave you breathless.

Lenght: 01:01:52

Year: 1971

Director: Bob Chinn

John Holmes   
Sandy Carey   
Andy Bellamy   
Mike Haven   

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The Second Coming of Eva

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - The Second Coming of Eva

Eva is a very sexual young girl. Her sister tries to make her a better person by sending her off to a private school “for moral and aesthetic instruction”. Fortunately for Eva, this school is more than what it seems. Everyone there has sex all the time! Outside and in the halls and classrooms, the students are constantly doing “extracurricular activities”. When a lawyer is sent to the school to investigate, he “uncovers” more than the truth…especially when Eva’s own sister comes for a surprise visit!

Lenght: 01:31:48

Year: 1974

Director: Mac Ahlberg

Rune Hallberg   
Jack Frank   
Brigitte Maier   
Jim Steffe   
Teresa Svensson   
Kim Frank   
Berit Agedal   
Monica Andersson   
Annica Salomonsson   
Suzy Andersson   
Bo Halldoff   
Knud Jörgensen   
Lars Lind   

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El Ojete de Lulu

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - El Ojete de Lulu

The movie introduce us a very interesting character: Lulu’s talking ass, who is unhappy because his pal, Lulu’s vagina is the only one getting all the action! Yeah, that’s the movie basic plot. Very amusing.

Lenght: 01:09:39

Year: 1986

Director: Jesus Franco

Lina Romay   
Mabel Escaño   

Retro Porn - Les Vices Caches D’Eva Blue

A man follows Jenny Feeling around photographing, filming and taping all of her sexual experiences. He finally blackmails her into meeting him, but he doesn’t want jewels and money from her.A man follows Jenny Feeling around photographing, filming and taping all of her sexual experiences. He finally blackmails her into meeting him, but he doesn’t want jewels and money from her.

Lenght: 01:01:44

Year: 1978

Director: Francis Leroi

Micheline Aventi   
Mika Barthel   
Lucie Doll   
Marianne Fournier   
Béatrice Lancel   
Eva Pourey   

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Lust at First Bite

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Lust at First Bite

The tale of Count Dracula gets an erotic twist in this extravagant, elaborate look at gothic sexuality. An all-star cast including Seka, John Holmes, and Jamie Gillis as the Count make this one of the most highly acclaimed adult features of all time!

Lenght: 01:11:28

Year: 1979

Director: Phillip Marshak

Annette Haven   
Kay Parker   
Jamie Gillis   
John Leslie   
Reggie Nalder   
John Holmes   
Mike Ranger   
Paul Thomas   
Richard Bulik   
Pat Manning   
David Lee Bynum   
Martin L. Dorf   
Irene Best   

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Retro Porn - Candy’s Little Sister, Sugar

Who isn’t a sucker for something sweet, succulent, and sexy? Especially if she’s Candy’s Little Sister, “Sugar”. Candy’s been on the screen for sometime but now her little sister is all grown up and look how she’s turned out! This delicious doll finds herself the co-inheritor of needed dollars but only if her sister Candy shares in the moola. The problem…where is Candy? To find her, Sugar is layed down by the law, meets up with a private dick who wields a big stick, takes a tongue lashing from Madam Zenobia big mouth and leaves herself wide open for the evils of a mad doctor and his nurse. But it all comes out good at the end. At the ” Model’s Annual Ball and Orgy” she “performs” so well, she is named the new queen by…you guessed it…last year’s winner, her sister Candy!

Lenght: 01:27:50

Year: 1988

Director: Gerard Damiano

Robert Bullock   
Laurel Canyon   
Nina Hartley   
Mike Horner   
Scarlet Jones   
John Leslie   
Peter North   
Randy Spears   
Tiffany Storm   
Tammy White   

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L’ultimo Tango Anale

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - L’ultimo Tango Anale

Lenght: 01:15:36

Year: 1989

Director: Nicholas Moore

Rocco Siffredi   
Luana Borgia   
Miss Pomodoro   
Roberto Malone   
Ron Jeremy   

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Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur

Lenght: 01:17:20

Year: 1979

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert

Brigitte Lahaie   
Liliane Lemieuvre   
Lucie Doll   
Brigitte Verbecq   
Karine Gambier   
Catherine Greiner   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Guy Royer   

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Retro Porn - Around the World with Johnny Wadd

John Holmes is detective Johnny Wadd and international beauties from around the world is his sexual beat. After touching base in the carnal capitals of San Francisco and Las Vegas, Johnny packs his immense gear and sets out to conquer the world! It’s non-stop action as “Johnny Wadd” goes ’round and ’round with the world’s most beautiful women, doing his very best to satisfy a very demanding audience!

Lenght: 01:21:44

Year: 1975

Director: D.C. Cunard

John Holmes   
Cyndee Summers   
Suzanne Fields   
Patti Lee   
Backy Sharpe   

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