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Anna Obsessed

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Anna Obsessed

Annette Haven has always been known for her good taste in films, and she shows herself to be a real thespian through her performance in this Martin psycho-sexual thriller. Is she a victim, or a villain? That is the question that will be sure to haunt you after watching this film.

Lenght: 01:13:28

Year: 1977

Director: Martin & Martin

Annette Haven   
John Leslie   
Jamie Gillis   
Constance Money   
Susan McBain   

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Mother’s Wishes

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Mother’s Wishes

Lenght: 00:50:27

Year: 1971

Director: N/A

Robin Lane   
Cyndee Summers   

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Emmanuelle Goes to Cannes

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Emmanuelle Goes to Cannes

Euro Super Sex star Olinka Hardiman takes on the title role of Emmanuelle who is stuck in a dead-end job as a stripper in a sleazy strip club. The manager, cum pimp, cum boyfriend sells her to the highest bidder so they can make ends meet.
She finally realizes her dream of escaping to Cannes where she feels she is sure to find the director of her dreams who will make her an international Film Star. Zippers pop-a-plenty as Olinka and her friends scorch up the screen!

Lenght: 01:14:19

Year: 1980

Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy

Olinka Hardiman   
Zeta Whitehouse   
Paola Farrow   
Glynis Whitman   
Giuseppe Curia   
Giorgos Delerno   
Gabriel Pontello   
Mike Monty   
Bruno Romagnoli   

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Retro Porn - La Doctoresse A De Gros Seins

Marie-Christine Covi is a doctor of a clinic. The movie starts at night, Marie-Christine Covi masturbates a guy (face not shown but it’s J. P. Armand). In a room, a woman patient rings the nurse. MC. Covi answers the call and has a lesbian scene with her. The next day, she welcomes Etienne Jaumillot (an old actor) and when he says he looks forward to her therapy, she shows him her breast. Meanwhile, Jean Paul Bride (John Love’s actor who loves inserting stuff) enter a patient room and proceeds to fist the brunette in there. In another room, a nurse (played by the brunette who rang the previous night) gives Désiré (a black midget, another favorite actor of John Love) a blow job. J. P. Armand joins in, doing the main hardcore action. The scene ends with a faked cumshot. J. P. Bride returns to his patient and shaves her. Then he calls in J.P. Armand before leaving. J. P.Armand has anal sex with the brunette. M. C. Covi walks around the clinic with her white blouse open and shows her breast and white lingerie.

Lenght: 01:07:50

Year: 1988

Director: Alain Payet

Marianne Colombe   
Angel Dust   
Jean-Pierre Armand   
Désiré Bastareaud   
Jean-Paul Bride   
Diana Andrews   

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Parties fines

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Parties fines

Hot Brigitte Lahaie hardcore movie from 1977 in which she plays a Baroness who, while her husband is out playing his games, is taken advantage of and used as a toy by 2 men who break into her estate while the Baron is out playing his perverted games. The movie has a comical tone, but the action is hot as hell! This was an earlier film from her career during her pre-blonde days. Directed by Gerard Kikoine and also stars Mary De Gris.

Lenght: 01:14:35

Year: 1977

Director: Gérard Kikoïne

Brigitte Lahaie   
R. Lounge   
Alban Ceray   
Patrice Chéron   
Maude Carolle   
Jacques Gateau   
Sylvia Lamo   
Michele D’Agro   

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Fantasy Follies

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Fantasy Follies

This is where all of your fantasies come to life. This is beyond sex, this is a sensual experience you will never forget. What are your fantasies?

Lenght: 01:13:39

Year: 1983

Director: Drea

Kay Parker   
Eric Edwards   
Ron Jeremy   
Crystal Lake   
Tamara Longley   
William Margold   
Jack Mason   
Shaun Michelle   
Esme Monroe   
Becky Savage   
Herschel Savage   
Crystal Starr   

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Retro Porn - Rasputin: Orgien am Zarenhof

Rasputin ist unwiderstehlich in seiner Mannlichkeit, unersattlich in seinen Begierden. Nach seiner Berufung an den Hof des Zaren sturzt er St. Petersburg in einen Taumel der Lust. Seine Neider wollen ihn vernichten, doch er scheint neun Leben zu haben, wie eine Katze. Es will ihnen nicht gelingen, den damonischen Monch zu beseitigen. Wahrend die aufstandischen Bauern zu Tausenden hingemetzelt werden, gibt er sich sich hemmungslos seinen leidenschaftlichen Trieben hin. Ein eregendes Sittenbild aus dem alten Russland, mit seiner zugellosen Sinnlichkeit, Triebhaftigkeit und Brutalitat.

Lenght: 01:20:48

Year: 1984

Director: Ernst Hofbauer

Alexander Conte   
Uschi Karnat   
Marion Berger   
Werner Singh   
C.M. Sherland   
Nadja Boyer   
Konrad Jank   
Vladimir Tartakovski   
Enrico Franke   
Mara Kocak   
Tatjana Woroschin   
Carlos Jansen   
Eva Maria Falk   

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Call Girl

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Call Girl

Lenght: 01:20:01

Year: 1983

Director: Andrei Feher

Olinka Hardiman   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Gabriel Pontello   

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1001 Erotic Nights 2

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - 1001 Erotic Nights 2

A sultan searches for the most erotic women in his kingdom, served up to him by his aide.

Lenght: 01:20:49

Year: 1986

Director: Edwin Brown

Kristara Barrington   
Susan Berlin   
Bunny Bleu   
Karen Bree   
Jill Castle   
Buffy Davis   
Steve Drake   
Alexis Drew   
Constance Drew   
Kari Foxx   
Jamie Gillis   
Alexis Greco   
Jennifer Harte   
Nina Hartley   
Linda Lipps   
Jon Martin   
Jennifer Noxt   
Francois Papillon   
Patti Petite   
Keli Richards   
Joey Silvera   
Sandy Summers   
Tess Warner   
Tammy White   

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Sex Akademie

July 16th, 2009
Retro Porn - Sex Akademie

Une pléthore de bourgeoises…dont la sublime Marilyn Jess,l’excitante Tina Loren,l’affriolante Jessica Stehl,toutes plus perverses les unes que les autres dans une débauche de lingeries feminines aguichantes.

Lenght: 01:13:08

Year: 1986

Director: Gérard Gregory

Marilyn Jess   
Jessica Stehl    
Melissa Bonsardo    
Tina Loren    
Isa Dery    

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