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Sex Academy

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Sex Academy

Lenght: 01:27:33

Year: 1985

Director: Jerry Ross

Kristara Barrington   
Tiffany DuPonte   
Mike Horner   
Tamara Longley   
Jon Martin   
Joey Silvera   
Carol Titian   
Jessica Wylde   

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Pussy Talk 2

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Pussy Talk 2

Lenght: 01:12:21

Year: 1978

Director: Claude Mulot

Barbara Moose   
Danièle Troeger   
Erika Cool   
Alban Ceray   
Agnès Lemercier   
Richard Lemieuvre   
France Lomay   

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X Dreams

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - X Dreams

Talk about a job getting to you!Tracey Adams has read one too many bed time stories on her TV show. Problem is that Tracey can’t escape her fairy tale life and every nighttime dreams about the erotic characters enjoying carnal delights — sizzling-hot sexual versions of these fairy tales: There’s a horny edition of “The Princess and the Pea.” Then, “Little Red Riding Hood” teams up with a very naughty “Big Bad Wolf.” “Alice” goes to “Wonderland” and gets a lesson in lesbian lust from the “Red Queen.” And if that weren’t enough, “Hansel and Gretel” decide to eat each other — instead of the gingerbread house! But don’t worry, like in any goodfairy tale, every-one lives happily… er… hotly ever after!

Lenght: 01:26:41

Year: 1989

Director: Gordon Vandermeer

Victoria Paris   
Tracey Adams   
Busty Belle   
Marc Wallice   
Stacy Lords   
Randy West   
Peter North   
Jon Dough   

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La Rabatteuse

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - La Rabatteuse

Brigitte Lahaie, dans un rôle de “Rabatteuse”, réalise le rêve inavoué de tout homme : jolie, souriante, soumise et complice, elle met dans le lit de l’homme qu’elle aime, et dans la tenue qu’il lui indique, toutes les femmes qu’il désire. Elle sait aussi l’en débarrasser sans qu’il ait à intervenir. Poussant l’audace de plus en plus loin. Brigitte Lahaie libère ses plus inavouables pulsions sexuelles et nous offre une succession de séquences hyper-excitantes.

Lenght: 01:25:12

Year: 1977

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert

Brigitte Lahaie   
Ghislain Van Hove   
France Lomay   
Nicole Velna   
Gérard Grégory   
Alexandra Sand   
Karine Gambier   
Claude Janna   
Barbara Moose   
Emmanuelle Parèze   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Marion Schultz   

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July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - L’Educatrice

The story is about late bloomer Eva. Content with her lesbian relationship with Michelle she is curious but unknowledgeable about heterosexual sex. One day her cosy relationship is shattered when Michelle dumps her for a male lover. A flirtation with a colleague comes to nothing (except for a memorable encounter with an exhibitionist), and things only change when Eva meets Lois. Lois plays it slowly, but it soon becomes clear that he has some strange sexual tastes, e.g. sex with strangers in a car park [now called 'dogging' in the UK], or paying a group of hippies to conduct an orgy.
Initially hesitant, Eva’s behaviour goes soon completely off the rails even by Lois’s standards, and only being mugged by someone she had fancied for a quickie brings her to her senses.

Lenght: 01:14:52

Year: 1981

Director: Gérard Grégory

Jane Baker   
Jean-Pierre Armand   
Catherine Greiner   
Dominique Irissou   
Élodie Delage   
Dominique Aveline   
Mina Houghe   
Cyril Val   
Ingrid Lovin   
Pascal Ramette   
Guy Bérardant   

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Retro Porn - Les Belles dames du temps jadis

A mix-up of identities occurs as an engineer is mistaken for the author of an erotic memoir book. The book concerns the noble inhabitants of a certain manor-house. The trouble is that the current lord of that estate is a very puritanical and intolerant person. What he doesn’t know is that his unmarried aunts wrote the scandalous tome.

Lenght: 01:14:10

Year: 1976

Director: Werner Hedman

Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen   
Ann-Marie Berglund   
Else Petersen   
Anne Magle   
Ole Soltoft   
Poul Bundgaard   
Lizzi Varencke   
Werner Hedman   
Karl Stegger   
William Kisum   
Ib Mossin   
Gina Janssen   
Bent Warburg   
Anne Bie Warburg   
Judy Gringer   

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Wild Weekend

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Wild Weekend

The weekend is here … and it’s time to party! 6 shamelessly sexy girls! An incredible 15 wet.

Lenght: 01:27:36

Year: 1984

Director: Bruce Seven

Ginger Lynn Allen   
Crystal Breeze   
Peter North   
Susan Hart   
Gina Valentino   
Elaine Southern   
Misty Brentwood   
Shone Taylor   
Steve Drake   
Marc Wallice   
Tom Byron   

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La Foire aux Sexes

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - La Foire aux Sexes

Welcome to the Hottest Show in Town! The ladies are sluts, the men are meat logs, and the cum pours like a fountain onto waiting faces! In this classic film from Domain Girls, the show gets hot and heavy, and the ratings soar – just like your arousal!

Lenght: 01:13:26

Year: 1973

Director: Eberhardt Kronhausen

Anne Bie Warburg   
Lone Gersel   
Bent Warburg   
Anniqa Fors   

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July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Stormy

The highly acclaimed erotic-film producer, Sam Norvell brings to the screen the most scorching sex epic of his career, Stormy. Starring John Holmes as the sophisticated, red-blooded, wheeling and dealing head of the slickest, high-class, high-priced call girls in San Francisco, Stormy rips open the love-for-sale racket with unflinching realism. And when you see the fabulous beauties employed by Big John, you’ll understand why his fees are so huge.

Lenght: 01:19:41

Year: 1980

Director: Joseph Blanski

John Holmes   
Linda Wong   
Phae Burd   
Chris Cassidy   
Joey Silvera   
Angel Ducharme   
John Seeman   
Connie Peterson   
Miki Star   
Joanne Levine   
Alan Orkin   

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Retro Porn - Emanuelle im Lustschloss der Sinnlichkeit

Durch ein traumatisches Kindheitserlebnis kann die mittlerweile zur jungen Frau gereifte Emanuelle beim Sex nicht zum Orgasmus kommen. Dies fuhrt zu schweren Eheproblemen. Ihre Arztin jedoch kennt die Problematik und bietet eine Losung an: Emanuelle mub sich einer speziellen Therapie im Lustschlob der Sinnlichkeit unterziehen. Dort versucht man, ihr den Weg zum Hohepunkt zu zeigen. Zuerst ist Emanuelle schockiert uber die Vorfalle im Lustschlob, doch dann labt sie sich unter der zartlichen Fuhrung der Leiterin darauf ein…

Lenght: 01:11:13

Year: 1980

Director: Jean Dupont

Adeline Lahaie    
Lulu Lavent    
Pierre Fellous    
Dominique Chanaud    
Michelle Bond    
Angelina Baldassari   

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