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Mes nuits avec…

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Mes nuits avec…

Charlène, Alice et Pénélope ont tenté de mettre fin à leurs jours. Elles se retrouvent à l’hôpital, où elles rencontrent Maud, qui leur propose de se suicider par plaisir…

Lenght: 01:14:37

Year: 1976

Director: Didier Philippe-Gérard

Dawn Cummings   
Karine Gambier   
Jacques Gateau   
Jacques Insermini   
Pénélope Lamour   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Véronique Monod   
Carmelo Petix   
Manu Pluton   
Helga Trixi   
Jean-Louis Vattier   

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Beauty and the Beast 2

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Beauty and the Beast 2

In part one, the Beast (John Leslie) found true love (Tracey Adams) and lived happily ever after. That is until part two. When a cad named Jarvis blackmails the queen to bed, the Beast ‘virus’ stirs inside the King once more. Between the erotic goings-on of the King’s lovely daughters, the randy servants and his own revenge, Paul Thomas paints another fairy tale definitely not for the kids.

Lenght: 01:40:29

Year: 1990

Director: Paul Thomas

Tracey Adams   
John Leslie   
Victoria Paris   
Rachel Ryan   
Randy West   
Sabrina Dawn   
Jon Dough   
Chaz Vincent   
Dizzy Blonde   
Tammy White   
Henri Pachard   
Alan C. Bosshardt   
Scott Schwartz   
Randy Spears   
Ray Victory   
Ron Vogel   
Jeffrey Wallach   

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Cry for Cindy

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Cry for Cindy

Cindy is a prostitute who hates her life, but is doing it to help put her boyfriend through medical school, although he has no idea how she’s earning the money. One day her boyfriend finds her at her pimp’s place and the pimp beats him badly. Ashamed and despondent, Cindy commits suicide. At her funeral various people who knew her recall her life and their relationship with her.

Lenght: 01:26:00

Year: 1976

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Amber Hunt   
Maryanne Fisher   
Mitzi Fraser   
Fred James   
Jack Wright   
John Leslie   
Ken Scudder   
Al Russo   
John Seeman   
Turk Lyon   
Robert Norman   
Peter White   
Jeremy Kaat   

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Here Comes the Bride

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Here Comes the Bride

One of her best roles. She really gets into the sex. If you are a fan of early 80’s porn, before all the fake breasts and dumb blonds came on the scene, this classic is for you.

Lenght: 01:14:07

Year: 1978

Director: John Christopher

Samantha Fox   
David Morris   
Clea Carson   
Joey Silvera   
Colleen Anderson   
Roger Caine   
Paula Morton   
David Christopher   
Erica Havens   
Richard Stevens   
Ben Pierce   
Vee Summers   

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Pretty Peaches

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Pretty Peaches

Peaches is a daffy carefree female who cheerfully plunges through life without any worries. After attending her father’s wedding, she has an accident in her jeep that leaves her unconscious. Two guys find her and immediately take advantage of their good luck. It turns out that Peaches has amnesia, so the fellows offer to help her. The plot revolves around all the silly circumstances and schemes they come up with, and her resolve to keep on smiling through it all. Alex De Renzy regards Pretty Peaches as one of his best all around films.

Lenght: 01:28:15

Year: 1978

Director: Alex de Renzy

Desiree Cousteau   
Eileen Welles   
Holly McCall   
John Leslie   
Juliet Anderson   
Kristine Heller    
Mimi Morgan   
Ming Jade   
Nancy Hoffman   
Sharon Kane   

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Retro Porn - Les Charmes secrets de Miss Todd

Tracey Adams, together with very cute girls, exposes herself in this indecently smashing hot production by Marc Dorcel.

Lenght: 01:34:41

Year: 1988

Director: Didier Philippe-Gérard

Tracey Adams   
Roberto Malone   
Christoph Clark   
Eric Balard   
Franck Balard   
Caroline Laurie   
Alain L’Yle   
Laura Valérie   

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House of Dreams

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - House of Dreams

An 80 minute erotic dream featuring masturbation, straight, gay and kinky sex. No dialogue, interesting sets and photography.

Lenght: 01:15:44

Year: 1990

Director: Andrew Blake

Zara Whites   
Jeanna Fine   
Veronica Doll   
Kim McKamy   
Danielle Rogers   
Randy West   
Deidre Holland   
Ashley Lauren   
Randy Spears   
Rocco Siffredi   

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Exploring Young Girls

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Exploring Young Girls

Four young women reveal why they appear in adult films, with their stories graphically re-enacted.

Lenght: 01:15:36

Year: 1977

Director: David Stitt

Vanessa del Rio   
Erica Havens   
Harriet Hart   
Sharon Mitchell   
Susaye London   
David Pierce   
Tony Richards   
Wade Nichols   

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La Femme-objet

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - La Femme-objet

A science-fiction writer creates a sexy robot-girl.

Lenght: 01:19:57

Year: 1980

Director: Claude Mulot

Marilyn Jess   
Catherine Marsile   
Nadine Roussial   
Frederic Carton   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Hélène Shirley   
Laura Clair   

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Honky Tonk Angels

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Honky Tonk Angels

Women and the mean they love that’s the theme of this new story based on a collection of Richard Mailer’s greatest scenes from intropics. Here they all are: Blondi, Nina Hartley, Jeanette Littledove, the one and only Angel, and many, many more of the industry’s hottest stars. They’re honky tonk angels, and they’ll bring out the devil in you!

Lenght: 01:17:07

Year: 1988

Director: Richard Mailer

Janette Littledove   
Annette Haven   
Tom Byron   
Billy Dee   
Rayann Drew   
Nina Hartley   
Trinity Loren   
Tony Montana   
Rene Morgan   
Richard Pacheco   
Francois Papillon   
Harry Reems   
Paul Thomas   
Randy West   

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