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Flesh & Laces

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Flesh & Laces

This wild and wacky sex comedy from 1983 stars Jamie Gillis as an incredibly wealthy old man who’s dying from some sort of terminal illness. Not one to go quietly into that good night, Jamie uses his money to buy himself some last-minute thrills. He wires up his home with video cameras, then tells his heirs that none of them will get any money when he dies. Unless, that is, they provide him with a first-rate sex scene that he can observe from the comfort of his hospital bed.
Okay, so none of this seems very likely. It does provide a decent framework for the frolicking to follow, and that’s all that really matters, anyway. Highlights include an early scene with Shauna Grant as a naive young model who’s coerced into action by Dan Fisher in a high-octane outing. John Stagliano shows off his rough side when he interviews thick-set brunette Cathy Coffer for a secretarial position. John throws her on the bed and tears her clothes off as a prelude to their amorous encounter.
Luscious Linda Rose Kimball shines in a feverish fourway with a trio of studs, while Joey Silvera brings in a pair of hard-charging hookers who he (after some side business) watches delve into a lesbian liaison. In the end, Joey hooks up with Tamara Longley in a frantic finale, but the ending only leaves the plot unresolved. Looks like you’ll just have to wait for the second edition to see who gets the cash! A fast-paced, fun-filled romp with some surprisingly rough edges.

Lenght: 01:33:31

Year: 1983

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Shauna Grant   
Jamie Gillis   
John Holmes   
Rosa Lee Kimball   
Cathy Cofer   
Rita Cruz   
Don Fernando   
Paul Harmon   
Crystal Lake   
Tamara Longley   
Jeff Lyle   
Dan T. Mann   
William Margold   
Jack Mason   
Joey Silvera   
John Stagliano   
Carlos Tobalina   
Sparky Vasc   

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Retro Porn - Die Wilden Lueste Meiner Schulfreundinnen

Lenght: 01:19:39

Year: 1984

Director: Pit Brinkmann

Tanja Simon   
Conny Reinhard   
Sissi Harler   
Gabi Schindler   
Diddi Kerner   
Monika Felix   
Alban Ceray   
Fanny Davis   
Ricco Baumgart   
Romana Steiger   
Bert Kaminsky   
Ria von Berg   

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Taboo 3

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Taboo 3

Lenght: 01:33:16

Year: 1984

Director: Kirdy Stevens

Kay Parker   
Lisa Lake   
Pamela Mann   
Jerry Butler   
Blake Palmer   
Honey Wilder   
Kristara Barrington   
Colleen Brennan   
Misty Dawn   
Ron Jeremy   
Rick Knutson   
Donna Marie   
Craig Roberts   
Jay Serling   
Jeff Swisstack   
Marc Wallice   

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Army Brat 2

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Army Brat 2

Lenght: 01:20:10

Year: 1989

Director: Paul Thomas

Julianne James   
Tracey Adams   
Tom Byron   
Nina DePonca   
Jon Dough   
Julianne James   
Peter North   
Rick Savage   

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Retro Porn - Debbie: ‘Class of ‘88”

irst Barbara Dare shocked the industry with her red hot portrayal of Debbie, Sorority Prez. Now she’s turning over the title to Alicia Monet, and the heat is only getting hotter! See the biggest, most star studded cast in ‘88 porn, doing what they do best, in the Coast to Coast classic epic, ‘Debbie: Class Of ‘88′.

Lenght: 01:19:23

Year: 1988

Director: Bob Vosse

Alicia Monet   
Angel Kelly   
Barbara Dare   
Jack Baker   
Billy Dee   
Jerry Butler   
Jon Martin   
Jonathan Younger   
Lili Marlene   
Little Oral Annie   
Lois Ayres   
Mauvais De Noir   
Mike Horner   
Megan Leigh   

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Les Bas de soie noire

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Les Bas de soie noire

Patricia’s mother puts her daughter in the hands of Vincent, a married man who shares his life between his piano and lovely maids, in order to give her an education (a sex education). Jeannette, the maid, puts Patricia on the right track by having her witness the hot parties given by Vincent, from behind a see-through mirror. On these events, the women are dressed in black underwear. Things continue in that way until one evening when Patricia, dressed in black, gets through the mirror to join them.

Lenght: 01:23:11

Year: 1981

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert

Christine Schwarz   
Ghislain Van Hove   
Élisabeth Buré   
Catherine Greiner   
Guy Royer   
Dominique Saint Claire   
Hubert Géral   
Gabriel Pontello   
Dominique Aveline   
Mika Barthel   
Laura Clair   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Nadine Roussial   
Hélène Shirley   
Piotr Stanislas   
Cyril Val   

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Four Women in Trouble

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Four Women in Trouble

Four very different women get pregnant as a result from one sexual encounter each from a stranger. They are forced to go to an abortionist doctor to take care of the “problem”.

Lenght: 00:59:24

Year: 1973

Director: N/A

John Holmes   
Ron Darby   
Lynn Holmes   

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Billionaire Girls Club

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Billionaire Girls Club

Lenght: 01:30:41

Year: 1988

Director: N/A

Ginger Lynn Allen   
Kristara Barrington   
Erica Boyer   
Tom Byron   
Christy Canyon   
Kari Foxx   
Nina Hartley   
Susan Hart   
Peter North   
Herschel Savage   
Samantha Strong   
Satin Summer   
Gina Valentino   
Marc Wallice   

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Loves of Lolita

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Loves of Lolita

Lenght: 01:17:52

Year: 1984

Director: Leonard Kirtman

Angel West   
Karen Summer   
Jay Serling   
Crystal Breeze   
Doug Bennett   
Kristara Barrington   
Duane Thomas    
Jimmy Starr   
Steve Powers    
Tracy Dugan    

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Hot Cookies

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Hot Cookies

Do not be fooled by the title “Hot Cookies”. At first glance, it might seem to be just another run of the mill teeny exploitation tease. But actually, this film was made by the folks who brought you “Honeypie” and “Sweet Cakes” – and is a solid take off on Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery”. The special visitors to Nelson’s Book Store see back room paintings come to life. The sexy sorceress Serena causes more than the vignettes to occur here!

Lenght: 01:09:59

Year: 1977

Director: Howard Ziehm

Isolde Jensen   
Lenore Grant   
Henry Lambert   
Bill Chambers   
Abigail Clayton   
Moira Donovan   
Rich Johnson   
Anne Magle   
Ken Scudder   
Joey Silvera   

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