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Inside Little Oral Annie

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Inside Little Oral Annie

Little Oral Annie introduces scenes of her sexual adventures with impressive displays of her noted oral talents.

Lenght: 01:21:10

Year: 1984

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Little Oral Annie   
Carol Cross   
Joseph Black   
Cara Lott   
Taija Rae   
Klaus Multia   
Anne Cummings   
Johnny Nineteen   
George Payne   
Marvin Hempstry   
Michael Knight   
Alan Adrian   

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One Night in Bangkok

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - One Night in Bangkok

All hands on deck and shiver your timbers to a honky-tonk beat! Four salty seamen and their deep-diving skipper (John Leslie) go on a shore-whore leave that they won’t soon forget! As soon as this one-day liberty starts, these boys are out of their submarine and onto the streets lickity split! Innocent Phil is the first guy to score when a not-so-innocent Japanese joy-girl takes him home for her own private cherry festival. But what about his three other buddies? Rich-kid Billy tangles with two luscious female M.P.’s who know a thing or two about love enforcement while the two screw-ups (Bobby and Randy) engage the carnal services of two willing and bowdy bar-girls. And where does “The Chief” end up in this non-stop 24 hours of lust? … Rekindling the fire-hot sparks of love with his old flame Mai Lin! Banzai baby! Everyone gets their fill and more in ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK.

Lenght: 01:19:08

Year: 1985

Director: Paul Vatelli

Kristara Barrington   
Mai Lin   
Melissa Melendez   
Rene Lovins   
Tess Ferre   
Tish Ambrose   
Buck Adams   
Herschel Savage   
Jerry Butler   
Joey Silvera   
John Leslie   
Kevin James   

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My Party Doll

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - My Party Doll

A true classic! Ron Jeremy stars as a video store clerk whose wildest dreams come true when a blow up doll cums to life!

Lenght: 01:23:16

Year: 1987

Director: Leif Knullar

Cara Lott   
Ron Jeremy   
Damien Cashmere   
Alexis Firestone   
Peter Gash   
Seymour Love   
Melissa Melendez   

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Rosi Nimmersatt

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Rosi Nimmersatt

Lenght: 01:22:22

Year: 1978

Director: Horst Lange

Vera Berger   
Britt Corvin   
Sepp Gneissl   
Uschi Karnat   
Claudia Mehringer   
Ginny Noack   
Claus Sasse   
Ilona Schneider   
Susanne Stark   

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Strangers When We Mate

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Strangers When We Mate

A very obscure 1970’s California XXX flick about a large gathering of people (all strangers to each other) brought together by a hippie loon at a big ranch-chic house as an experiment in free lovemaking. All are given “a mild aphrodisiac” and swap off with each other in any combination that strikes their drug-addled fancy in the home’s many groovy rooms.

Lenght: 00:56:35

Year: 1973

Director: David Stefans

Mona Leasah   
Russell Blue   
Hardy Bull   
Carla Crabbe   
Kenny Dooer   
B.J. Dyke   
John Holmes   
Heywood Hymen IV   
Connie Lingus   
Ric Lutze   

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Up! Up! and Away!

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Up! Up! and Away!

A beautiful, wealthy woman owns an airline, but leaves the everyday operations to her husband. It isn’t until after he dies that she discovers that he was taking more than a passing interest in his female passengers and employees, and she has to fight to keep the airline out of the clutches of her dead husband’s sleazy partner.

Lenght: 01:23:14

Year: 1984

Director: Jim Hunter

Cody Nicole   
Laurie Smith   
Ginger Lynn Allen   
Stacey Donovan   
Paul Thomas   
Colleen Brennan   
Jerry Butler   
Debi Diamond   
Sasha Gabor   
Jamie Gillis   
Gabrielle Behar   
Lisa Thomas   
Bunny Bleu   
Larry Harwood   
Greg Rome   

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Love Dreams

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Love Dreams

Sexy young Julia Perrier travels from France to the United States to learn English, but ends up learning a thing or two about love instead. She gets a job with a maid service to help pay her way and ends up becoming the French maid of choice and sexual play-thing for several well-to-do men and women alike. She works for all sorts of upper-crust types, from an eccentric old general to a hunky Hollywood player, bouncing her way from one job to the next and having several sexual misadventures along the way. Will she ever find the love she’s looking for?

Lenght: 01:13:52

Year: 1981

Director: Alan Vydra

Julia Perrin   
Susan Nero   
John Leslie    
Bonnie Holiday   
Harry Freeman   
Dale Meador   
Herschel Savage   

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Retro Porn - Règlements de femmes OQ Corral

Lenght: 01:14:45

Year: 1974

Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy

Alice Arno   
Barbara Moose   
Gilda Arancio   
Liliane Lemieuvre   
Vera Valmont   
Willeke van Ammelrooy   

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Belle d’Amour

July 13th, 2009
Retro Porn - Belle d’Amour

Isabelle is married to Gerard, an older man and, it seems as if she is unsatisfied sexually and has lewd daydreams which she acts out by working as a high-class prostitute.

Lenght: 02:01:52

Year: 1989

Director: Michel Ricaud

Rocco Siffredi   
Nathalie Christal   
Richard Lemieuvre   
André Kay   
Valerie Sidy   
Barbara Helner   
Jacques Marbeuf   
Arlette Leonide   
Diane Suresne   
Diana Auvers   

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Porno Roulette

July 12th, 2009
Retro Porn - Porno Roulette

Lenght: 00:27:50

Year: 1978

Director: N/A

Brigitte Lahaie   
Hervé Amalou   
Dominique Aveline   
Karine Gambier   
Madou Sall   

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